We proudly say, we are Equipped with state of the art equipment like BERA &Impedance Audiometric. We are providing international quality standards in clinical practice of Audiology and Speech Therapy.


Batteries and Ear Plug-ins


We have well experienced and professionally trained Audiologist. Our audiologist is a health professional who can identify and measure hearing loss. They work with the Otolaryngologist. To test your ability to hear sounds at different pitches and loudness our audiologist will use a device called an audiometer. The tests are painless; audiologists do not prescribe drugs or perform surgery.

Speech Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy:

The ability to communicate is essential in every aspect of life... Speech & Language disorders can affect the way people understand and the way they talk. Speech Therapists can assess, diagnose and provide the best therapy program.

  • Articulation disorders include difficulties producing sounds in syllables or saying words incorrectly to the point that other people can't understand what's being said.
  • Fluency disorders include problems such as stuttering, the condition in which the flow of speech is interrupted by abnormal stoppages, repetitions (st-st-stuttering), or prolonging sounds and syllables (ssssstuttering).
  • Resonance or voice disorders include problems with the pitch, volume, or quality of the voice that distract listeners from what's being said. These types of disorders may also cause pain or discomfort for the child when speaking.
  • Dysphagia/oral feeding disorders, including difficulties with eating and swallowing.

Language disorders can be either receptive or expressive:

  • Receptive disorders refer to difficulties understanding or processing language.
  • Expressive disorders include difficulty putting words together, limited vocabulary, or inability to use language in a socially appropriate way. Specialists in Speech-Language Therapy.

Our Speech Therapists work with the entire family to help their child communicate effectively in all the situations of his/her daily life and they will address the individual specific communication needs and capabilities while addressing all components of speech and language in addition to social language skills.