Digital Hearing Aids

Eljay Hearing Care Centre has branches at different places. Visiting one of our local branches is convenient and hassle-free. We guarantee an impartial, expert and caring approach to all hearing concerns. Whether you are concerned about your hearing, seeking advice on your current hearing aid or wish to know more about the latest digital hearing aids our hearing aid audiologists will be happy to help.
Following are some of the types of hearing aid we deal with Body worn aids Behind the ear aids (BTE) In the ear aids (ITE) Receiver In the Canal/Ear (RIC/RITE) In the canal (ITC), mini canal (MIC) and completely in the canal aids (CIC) Extended wear hearing aids Open-fit devices Personal programmable or consumer programmable Disposable Hearing Aids.

Sales / Service


Eljay Hearing Centre deal with all the leading manufacturers and the best brands in the market, Eljay hearing will determine the best possible hearing aid for you factoring in your unique listening needs, preferences, budget and lifestyle. You will also be able to get a feel of the product and sophisticated technologies before the actually invest in the product. Trial periods may be extended if you need more time to evaluate the hearing aid


Eljay hearing Centre provides you services for all makes and models of hearing aids. We care Models of multi brands and manufacturer. Our regular follow up with the manufacturer ensures your hearing aid is delivered back to you in the least time possible with cost effective price.