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Hearing Aid

Where can I find a Hearing Aid In Chennai?

Please do visit our centre locator page and get to know about the best hearing centres around you.

How do digital hearing aids work?

They use a combination of different techniques that invlolces digital signal processing and converting those signals into a clear and stable sound by reducing the noise around you.

What are the best digital hearing aids on the market?

It depends on the need and it differs from each and every individual. We have Behind the Ear (BTE) to latest model Open Ear (no ear mold, only a thin tube and dome), and they come in different colors. Digital Signal Processing technology equipped aids are comfortable and gives you 100% benefits.

The analogue hearing aids makes the sound louder, so better to go for Digital hearing aid technology based ones.

What are the top five best Hearing Aid brands available in India?

Signia, ReSound, Bernafon, Elkon and Phonak are the some of the sough out international brands with authorosied service centres in India. Eljay hearing is one of the best authorised hearing aid franchisee of these brands in India.

What the symptoms of hearing loss?
  • You will hear people speaking but you strain to understand their words.
  • You may frequently ask people to repeat what they said.
  • You don’t laugh at jokes because you miss the story or the jokes line.
  • You frequently complain that “people mumble.”
  • You ask others about details of a meeting you just attended.
  • You play the TV or Radio louder than friends, spouse and relatives.
  • You cannot hear the doorbell or the telephone.
  • You find that when people look directly at you while they speak to you, it makes it easier to understand.
What are the causes of Hearing Impairment and Deafness?
  • Conditions during birth in which a baby lacks enough oxygen to breathe.
    Rubella, syphilis or certain other infections in a woman during pregnancy.
  • The use of ototoxic drugs – a group of more than 130 drugs (such as the antibiotic gentamicin) that can cause damage to the inner ear if incorrectly given – during pregnancy.
  • Jaundice, which can damage the hearing nerve in a newborn baby.
  • Infectious diseases such as meningitis, measles, mumps and chronic ear infections can lead to hearing impairment, mostly in childhood, but also later in life.
  • The use of ototoxic drugs at any age, including some antibiotic and anti-malarial drugs, can cause damage to the cochlea (the hearing organ in the inner ear).
  • Head injury or injury to the ear can cause hearing impairment.
    Wax or foreign bodies blocking the ear canal can cause hearing loss at any age.
  • Excessive noise, including working with noisy machinery, exposure to loud music or other loud noises, such as gunfire or explosions, can damage the inner ear and weaken hearing ability.
    As people age, accumulated exposure
  • to noise and other factors may lead to hearing impairment or deafness.
Can deafness be inherited?

if one or both parents or a relative is born deaf, there is a higher risk that a child will be born deaf.

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