Hearing Evaluation for Children

Testing for Infants & Young Children

Behavioral Observation Assessment (BOA)
BOA testing is conducted by an audiologist specially trained to detect bodily reactions to sound i.e. cessation of activity, body movement, eye widening, eye opening, or change in sucking rate.
Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA)
As children mature, so does their ability to respond to sound. At approximately six to seven months of age, normally-developing children are able to turn toward a sound source. Children at this level are tested either using earphones or in the sound booth without earphones but using speakers. Sounds used for testing typically include low pitch to high pitch tones that are included in the speech range. Turning toward the sound source is reinforced with a lighted toy. This type of testing is called visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) and is generally quite accurate in determining hearing levels.
Conditioned Play Audiometry
By approximately 2 1/2 – 3 years of age most children can be tested using a technique called conditioned play audiometry. Earphones are placed on the child and she/he is conditioned to play various games when the test tone is heard.

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