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At Eljay hearing Centre, we do much more than fit hearing instruments. We form committed partnerships with the people who come to us for their hearing correction and we have the knowledge and expertise to help them select the best hearing instruments for their particular needs.

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There is no “one size fits all” approach to hearing correction. At Eljay hearing Centre, we base our recommendations on careful evaluation of a patient’s particular needs. That’s why, at Eljay hearing Centre, we don’t limit ourselves to offering instruments from a single supplier. We work with all the leading manufacturers, giving us access to the latest innovations in hearing correction for a wide range of hearing profiles.

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Eljay Hearing Centre has enjoyed a stellar reputation for personalized service since 1976. We boast about more than one lakh plus satisfied client’s spread across the country. As one of the pioneers in the field of providing solutions for hearing impairment, our commitment doesn’t stop with the delivery of your instrument. Eljay Hearing Centre’s staff is dedicated to your long term hearing health and we provide ongoing testing and regular maintenance to ensure that your hearing instruments are always at their highest level of function and performance. Today we are one of the most preferred name when it comes to advice, diagnose or instruments related to hearing impairment

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