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ReSound ONE™ with M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) introduces a new class of hearing aids* with a microphone and receiver positioned inside the ear, so patients can collect the whole sound environment just as nature intended.

Resound ONE



Experience the truest sense of space and location of sound with M&RIE. It’s a first-of-its-kind solution that enriches your patients’ daily environments with more direction and depth of sound.

M&RIE combines the two traditional microphones with a third that is positioned inside the ear canal as an integrated part of the receiver module. The result? More natural sound quality, improved sound localization and wind noise protection.


Resound one – Ultra focus

Better one-to-one

hearing in the toughest environments.


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Eljay Hearing - Hear with your own ears

Hear with your own ears

M&RIE combines the two traditional microphones with a third that sits in the ear canal to help patients hear with more direction and depth.

Greater hearing in any environment

All Access Directionality automatically adjusts directional microphone patterns to put your patients in the best position to hear what matters.

Focus in on speech in front

Users can activate Ultra Focus for a powerful combined directional pattern from both hearing aids to focus on the speech in front.

Remote, at-home hearing care

Stay closer to your patients with two options for remote hearing care: Remote Fine-Tuning and Live Assistance.

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