The revolutionary Signia Xperience platform with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors gives hearing aids a new sense to understand what their wearer really needs to hear.

Signia Xperience

Most of our daily activities involve motion and we carry conversations with us as we go.

For any hearing aid, adapting to dramatic shifts in location poses a tough challenge. The number of sound sources and the signal-to-noise ratio alter entirely and suddenly. Hearing can go from easy to nearly impossible in a matter of seconds as we move from relatively quiet places into a busy street or conference hall, for example.

Why Choose SIgnia XPERIENCE

Signia Xperience technology allows you to hear what matters to you.


The Best of Signia Xperience

Continuous binaural link

For the most natural experience, our Ultra HD e2e always-on ear-to-ear (e2e) link now also harnesses binaural beamforming technology to scan precisely for the wearer’s own voice.

Revolutionary dual processing

f37021Signia Nx is the first platform to process the own voice instantly and completely independently from all other voices and sounds, combining a natural sounding own voice with uncompromised audibility.

First ever own voice detection

The highly precise new microphone network identifies the wearer’s own voice reliably due to its unique spatial sound path. The continuous binaural link ensures dynamic detection in all situations.

Clear sound without distortion

Our extended dynamic range is now available universally across all programs. In loud situations, the full range of analog soundwaves are smoothly converted into digital signals for a natural experience.

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